Our company a the trusted home renovation contractor that provides excellent at an affordable price. For more than 20 years of our compiled experience. We are trusted to tackle your new home renovation from roof to your basement project. Hence, our expert is driven and hard-working to make sure each project is completed right the first time. As we execute our project we give our 100% effort and skills. We are able to meet all your needs about your home renovation project.


Owner Gabriel and friends started in school where they dreamed to have their own business.

After their graduation, they pursue their dreams together. By their own knowledge, they start to redesign their home and renovate it by themselves. With this experience, they start their business on their own without other help. With their female friend, she is the one who handles their website to create a topic for home renovation tips and tricks. Also, with a DIY project to reach other people outside their premises.


The mission of the company is to serve all the people around and near the community to have their customized renovation. To help them make their dream home to reality. Hence, we want our client to have full participation in rebuilding their dream home.


The vision of the company is to expand its territory from a small community of South Florida. Also, to the rest of the world.

With the technology that is available today through our business website. They want to share their skills with all the people in a different culture. With the different article about home renovation tips and tricks, also with DIY, we will teach our viewers. Thus, with written and video that they will follow it will be easy for them to follow the instruction. With the help of social media, the dreams of Gabriel and friends is surely attainable. Thou there is opposition from the begin they were not able to stop instead they use it to pursue the higher dream.